Ohio Employment Law

What is the Ohio Employment Law?

The employment law in Ohio was written to protect Ohio employees from unfair treatment by employers, notably regarding wages and wage payment.

Although the federal Fair Labor Standards Act sets a minimum requirement for all employers in the United States, employers in Ohio are still obligated to honor the regulations set forth in the Ohio employment law. Because employment law and wage regulations vary from state to state, it is important that you learn the law for the state in which you work.

What is the Minimum Wage in Ohio?

The minimum wage in Ohio is $7.95 per hour, making it higher than the current federal minimum wage ($7.25 per hour.

The wage requirements for tipped employees in Ohio requires employers to pay them at least 50% of the current minimum wage. If an employee’s hourly earnings for a pay period average out to be less than the state minimum wage, the employer is obligated to make up the difference and bring the total up to meet the state minimum wage.

Do Ohio Employees get Overtime Pay?

Although not all jobs qualify for overtime in Ohio, eligible positions and employees receive overtime when they more than 40 hours per week. It is recommended that you research your position to gain a better understanding of your overtime qualifications.

More information may be found on the Ohio State website.

Are Ohio Employees Paid for Rest and Lunch Breaks?

While the state of Ohio doesn’t require employers to offer lunch or rest breaks to their employees, employers are obligated to pay employees for their time if any work is completed during a break period.

Likewise, Ohio employees are entitled to compensation for all short breaks taken throughout the workday, which are typically five to 20 minutes in length.

What to do if Your Ohio Employment Rights are Violated?

Begin by alerting your employer, your management, or your human resources department to the issue. If the problem is not resolved in a timely manner, you should seek the assistance of an attorney.

When you bring us your case, we’ll look over your situation and determine whether you have a legitimate claim within Ohio and federal employment law regulations. Our team of lawyers will offer respectful, courteous legal guidance, using their knowledge to help you understand your situation and seek recovery for your unpaid wages.

Representation is completely free of charge when you choose our firm to represent your Ohio wage claim.

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