Delaware Employment Law

What is the Delaware Employment Law?

The Delaware employment law is in place to protect individuals who work in the state of Delaware. It shields employees from illegal or unlawful employer practices, including unpaid wages and paid wages that are less than the state minimum.

Having a firm understanding of the Delaware employment law can help you defend your rights and identify when an employer is treating you unfairly. If your rights are being violated by an employer, you may be entitled to legal remedy and should speak with a lawyer immediately.

What the Minimum Wage in Delaware?

Delaware’s minimum wage is $7.25 per hour – which is the same as the federal minimum wage.

Delaware’s minimum wage for tipped employees is $2.23 per hour, so long as the total amount earned after tips equals the state minimum wage or higher.

Additional information can be found on the Delaware Department of Labor website.

Do Delaware Employees get Overtime Pay?

Although Delaware has no specific laws regarding overtime pay, employees may still be eligible for overtime wages under the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which serves as the minimum standard employers must abide by when compensating their employees.

Are Delaware Employees Paid for Rest and Lunch Breaks?

All Delaware employees are entitled to break periods for lunch and/or meals. Delaware employees who work 7.5 consecutive hours or more are entitled to a 30-minute break after the first two hours of a shift, and before the last two hours of a shift.

What to do if Your Delaware Employment Rights are Violated?

If you found yourself unable to resolve your issue with your employer, management, or human resources department, contact our attorneys. We’ll be able to evaluate your situation and determine whether your rights have been violated by your employer, as well as what steps you can take next.

Even if your employer falls within the guidelines of Delaware employment law, there may still be a violation of the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act. Your call and case review is completely free when you work with our legal team, and if we choose to accept your case, there will be no cost to you, win or lose.

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