New Jersey Employment Law

What is the New Jersey Employment Law?

The New Jersey employment law was established to ensure the fair pay and treatment of employees working in the state of New Jersey. It regulates minimum wage for employees and obligates employers to meet specific requirements when compensating employees for their time.

As with most other states, New Jersey’s employment law is slightly different from the statutes listed in the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. It is important for you to understand your rights under New Jersey employment law before making a claim against your employer.

What is the Minimum Wage in New Jersey?

The minimum wage in New Jersey is currently $8.25 per hour, one dollar greater than the federal minimum wage ($7.25 per hour).

Identical to the Fair Labor Standards Act, the minimum wage for tipped employees in New Jersey is $2.13 per hour, though employers still need to ensure their employees are making at least the state minimum wage after earned tips are accounted for.

Do New Jersey Employees get Overtime Pay?

In order for an employee to earn overtime in New Jersey, they must work over 40 hours in a single work week. Not all jobs in the state of New Jersey qualify for overtime, so you may want to research your position before you pursue a claim for unpaid overtime wages.

More information on New Jersey overtime and pay law can be found on the New Jersey Department of Labor website.

Are New Jersey Employees Paid for Rest and Lunch Breaks?

It is not mandatory for employers in New Jersey to provide their employees with break periods. However, if an employee does take a break, the employer is obligated to pay the employee for any work completed during this break period.

Additionally, New Jersey employment law dictates that employers are required to compensate employees for any short breaks they take. Short breaks in New Jersey typically range from five to 20 minutes in length.

What to do if Your New Jersey Employment Rights are Violated?

If you discover your employer is violating your New Jersey employment rights, discuss the matter directly with your management, your employer, or your human resources department. If you find your claims are being ignored, it may be time to contact a qualified attorney.

Our legal team will assess your situation and determine how your employer may have violated your rights under New Jersey and federal employment law. When you work with our firm, representation for your employment law claim is always 100% free of charge. This is because your employer is expected to cover all attorney and legal costs, should you prevail in your claim.

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