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What is the wage and pay law?

Where’s My Pay?

Are you owed wages, pay, or commissions by your current or past employer? Perhaps you went unpaid for time spent driving between job sites or classes and training that were required for work.

If your employer owes you back wages or has violated your rights as an employee, we can help. Our attorneys will defend your rights under state and federal laws – such the Fair Labor Standards Act – to help you recover the any compensation that you are due.

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Can I really have an attorney represent me without charge?

Yes. This is because the law entitles the wage earner to payment of all attorney fees and costs incurred in collecting the money you have earned.

Why Kimmel & Silverman?

For more than 20 years, our firm has represented real people with real problems without charge. We limit our practice to helping people, never big business, employers, or corporations.

With 13 full-time attorneys at our firm, six of whom work in our wheresmypay.com department, you can be sure that your claim will be handled quickly, efficiently, and professionally.

We do not ask for compensation from our clients in any way. Never have, never will.

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